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I still can’t believe she’s 11.

Scary little Boy



Here is the character list. Be sure to read the guidelines at the top and include the password! 

Good luck everybody! 

47 of 86 slots have been claimed. That’s more than half! But that still means we have 39 slots to fill!! LET’S DO IT!! 



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*goes from 11:59pm September 30 to 12am October 1st*
Tumblr:i'm goING GHOST
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Okay jesus christ I finally finished this sketchdump of shinobicyrus and ghostfiish's Space AU OCs reformated to fit into the source material for the aCTUAL UNIVERSE AND I

anyhoo so you’ve got Dr. Rupert Haldeman, a history professor at Danny’s college who’s offering a class about myths and legends and cryptids and monsters; Rupert treats it as a window into a culture’s history through their fears, Danny treats it as valuable strategic information, and the rest of the class treats it as naptime.  He himself doesn’t believe in ghosts - unless, of course, he takes a field trip to Amity Park.  He’s kinda flighty and shy but loves to talk with people he knows, especially about societal issues.  He’s not sure what to make of this student Danny Fenton - on one hand he’s happy one of his students is taking an actual interest in the material, but on the other he seems to take it too seriously.

Then there’s his partner Adrian (last name undetermined) who’s some hippie dippie leaf in the wind who loves the literary aspect of culture and society and dresses pretty androgynously (if not flamboyantly.  I can’t decide if I want them to be fashionable or really awful at fashion).  They probably meet Sam at a poetry slam thing separately from Danny and Rupert and then one day all four happen across each other probably maybe???  But anyhoo Adrian’s really chipper and outgoing while Rupert is more introverted.  I gave them purple eyes because whatever I think I’ve made a decent amount of brown-eyed OCs to combat the dearth from the show.


you crazy kids and your regicide

james (c) sai


Too lazy to finish this. The results of attempting harder lighting and flat color….. AKA: Totally out of my comfort zone eep