So I was at work the other day and emptied out a box aND I FOUND THE FUCKING BOX GHOST


/<\ =3


Who the heck is Wes?!


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Wes Weston was fuming.

While he was usually a fairly calm person, today was just too much for him.

The first bad thing of the day came when he found out from one of his teammates that apparently Danny Fenton had a crush on him.

Not that he had anything against homosexuals. They were fine, but Fenton wasn’t his type.

Not to mention the fact that Manson would kill him once she figured out that he was the only Wes in school.

Bad thing number two also involved Fenton. A ghost fight resulted in Danny Phantom knocking a bowl of soup onto his head. It dripped, hot and sticky, down his face and neck. It gelled into his hair, and he’d need a shower to get all of it out.

The third thing was kinda his fault, as muttering that Fenton was going to get it after being showered with soup by Phantom wasn’t the best thing to say. No one believed that the two were one and the same, making Wes look crazy. Again.

The final thing came when he was walking home, muttering about needing a shower. That was when the Morons in White decided to kidnap him. Again.

His resemblance to one Danny Phantom had resulted in several “misunderstandings” that the GIW never apologized for. He’d been shot at, zapped, and yes, kidnapped. His only reprieve was that ghost hunting gear couldn’t kill humans.

So as he sat, covered in soup and wrapped in ghost proof netting, he had only one thought.

'I hate this town.'

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I’ve never been happy with Danielle’s name. And it’s not about the proper spelling; Danni or Dani (though I prefer Dani).

I just have this feeling that Dani would want to be her own person and not just “Danny’s clone.” Dani and Danny are too similar names. I mean c’mon they sound exactly the same. She even had to say “Dani with an I” to get her point across. She’s spent a lot of time on her own away from Amity Park (which I still don’t approve of, since she was basically poor and hungry enough to steal food), so I’m pretty sure she would have become her own person rather than just a clone. So then why would she choose to name herself “Dani”? 

Personally, I think she’d choose a nickname like “Ellie” or something. I think it’s terrible to have to share such a similar name when you already share a face. She already has to deal with regular girl problems, halfa problems, clone problems (like looking 12 when she’s probably only a few months old), and the fact that she’s homeless. I feel sorry for her and I wish the show had been kinder to her. I’m sorry it just bothers me a lot.


oh look something productive

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Just now realizing that I didn’t actually post pictures of my cosplay from anime Boston! I was a fem clockwork from Danny phantom. :)






The night sky is a ghost with a million eyes.