yo danny fenton he was just 14 when his parents built a very strange machine it was designed to see a world unseen; when it didn’t quite work his folks they just quit, but then danny took a look inside of it, got in one little fight and his mom got scared, said “you’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in bel air” i whistled for a cab and when it got near th

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When I was a wee teenager I used to angrily watch Danny Phantom because I really wanted a cool cartoon all about ghosts since ghosts are my favorite supernatural things… But the writing style on Butch Hartman’s cartoons always drove me up a wall, with the unnatural pacing and how it squandered the show’s potential for some bona fide creepy shit in favor of cheesy jokes. (Which are fine BUT THERE’S A TIME AND PLACE…) But I liked the concept enough to wash the disappointment out of my mouth with more interesting fan-created stuff.

What I’m trying to say is that I watched the entirety of Danny Phantom in a week so I could read sad fanfics.

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AU where after the accident, Danny isn’t a ghost and can’t see any of them, but he’s the only one that can hear them. And he hears them arguing around him all the time unless he’s wearing the Fenton Filters like a hearing aid that he can adjust to block them out.


My messy contribution to the Phandom Collab.


I’m about to start inktober day 3 but here’s day 2 from late last night that I forgot to post


my fav goth girl


I’ve been playing around with an older Falling Phantom Dani for a while now, and I’m at least 80% sure I’m settled on this design for her ghost form. She’d be around 19 here, so she’s long since outgrown her old outfit and caved after Mabel begged her to let her design a new one. It was a lengthy, tedious process where both girls’ aesthetics clashed time and time again and eventually leads to one of their rare but epic fights. They stop speaking to each other for a week before Dipper steps in and helps smooth things out. After that, Dani sets a few ground rules (SIMPLE outfit, stick to black and white with the addition of ONE more color, no dresses or skirts…) and Mabel designs something Dani wouldn’t mind wearing.

Dani ditches the logo after a big of an identity crisis after which she decides that, as much as she admires Danny, she wants to be her own person and not constantly fell like she’s just his clone. She never really considers herself a superhero, though Mabel and Dipper often refer to her as one, since she’s more interested in protecting the ones she cares for than saving the world.

Oh, and for her hair I just basically did the ghost ‘tail’ effect. I wanted a different look for her, but didn’t want to turn her into a flamehead like Ember and Dan, and we saw in Memory blank that Danny could make his arms do the tail thing, soooo…

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wham bam thank you ma’am it’s Sam for the collab

I decided to go stylized a bit

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I caved and arted. 

And rule 63’d

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