Drew some Daniels because I was bored. I messed up Dan’s suit but whatever he a tool anyway. 

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Not enough vampire au/ghost hunger fics out there aghhhhhhhhh

this comic would make much more sense if Danny was in his human form or Vlad in his ghost form but idk I just felt like drawing them that way 


all the danny phantom:  the ultimate enemy sprites i managed to put together

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Sometimes you can’t save everyone.

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for the nextgen prompt

James (Jane) is Sai’s

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sorry I’m late aaaaaaaaaa HERE’S PEST MY BABY


Dash no his eyes are green, run away.


Mah blue knight *w*


(815): He introduced himself to me as “the gayest gay who ever gayed.” I like him already.

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He hated test days. He despised them with every fiber of his being. He was so sick of the pity in his teacher’s eyes or the disappointment written on his parents’ faces as he brought home yet another bombed test. He was nothing but a failure in the eyes of everybody around him.

More endless streams of “Why won’t you try harder” and “Stop being so lazy” and “You used to be so smart.” More pity, more frustration, more loathing. He wished he could make his parents proud.

"Why can’t you be more like Jazz?"